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The Alcohol Quiz

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The Ultimate Alcohol Quiz is here! Packed full of easy, medium and hard questions to really test your knowledge of you know… booze, alcohol, the good stuff, hooch, the old medicine, whatever you want to call it!

Answer your way through 150 interesting, intriguing and challenging questions to do with:

• Binge drinking
• Alcohol myths – true or false?
• Alcohol’s effect on the body
• What percentage is this spirit?
• Legal minimum drinking ages
• Alcohol units and driving
• Food’s effect on alcohol
• Random fun-facts and trivia
• What of the following is NOT a…

The format of this Alcohol Quiz is multiple choice, you will be given 2-4 possible answers with 1 being the correct answer, you will have to choice wisely, you have 3 lives and the quicker you answer the questions, the higher your score will be!

Play against your friends and see who really has the best knowledge of alcohol, this app will track your top 5 best scores and save them automatically!

This smart application will track what questions you have already played and will not repeat the same questions during a given gameplay, so you can be guaranteed a new fresh question every time while you play until you lose and reset.

You will play until you have run out of lives or manage to successfully answer ALL 150 challenging questions, can YOU do it? Download today and take the ultimate test!!