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Maths for everyone!

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Math for Everyone!

We present a new way to practice the subject that everyone think it's the most difficult: mathematics. Math for Everyone is a game designed for elementary school children in order to learn while they enjoy the game having fun. With this app, children can practice basic arithmetic operations with a fun interface and it's really easy to use.

We all know that the booklets bills start to become obsolete in the world in which we live. The digital era begins to take control of our every day life in society, and the way we teach it should be less. Every country educators agree that times are changing, we are on a transition from a traditional learning methodology towards a one which is more innovative. This aims to enhance the student's desire to learn and to look for help on some tools we add our app. From our point of view, we wanted to bring a bit for the process of creating and maintaining proper tools for the task, and so we created mathematics for all.

When the game starts, the student founds a simple interface, fun and entertaining screen where he or she can choose among the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Once it's chosen, he or she has 60 seconds to perform as many operations as possible. With a keypad, the kid can put the solution of the operation that is asked. In case of success, the player wins a point, and failure will lose a point. At the end of the game, you get points become Ep, Euro points, play money, with which you can buy gifts in a section dedicated to this task. Currently there are 48 gifts to buy (each gift is a funny card with a photo that he or she will enjoy) and we plan to expand with 24 more cards soon. Thus, the student is not penalized if you make a mistake, but it is rewarded (minor) with some credit he or she can spend on the prizes that he or she desires.

In addition, the cards purchased, can be used to propose a little writing about a small story that includes the elements that appear in the photos unlocked. All together is definitely an app that both children, parents and teachers will enjoy and make the most to get out their teaching duties in the day.

In addition, we have composed music specifically for that application, so that your child can learn at their get surrounded by an appropriate background music at the situation.

To make the experience more enjoyable, we have included full integration with Game Center, so that everyone can publish your score on the Apple network and see who is the best student in each of the basic operations. Furthermore, we have created achievements, to give to them. From the first moment, the student receives rewards achievements and he feels that his work is really useful. We've certainly thought of every little detail to make the experience of learning lighter and more enjoyable.

We hope you all enjoy with Maths for everyone, for sure your children will thank you.