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Classical version L-Game. Enjoy game not only with the computer but also with your friends.

The L game is a simple strategic game invented by Edward de Bono.
The L game is a two-player turn-based game played on a board of 4×4 squares. Each player has a 3×2 L-shaped piece, and there are two 1×1 neutral pieces. On each turn, a player first must move their L piece, and then may elect to move one of the single neutral pieces. Pieces cannot overlap or cover other pieces. On moving the L piece it is picked up then placed in empty squares anywhere on the board and the piece may be rotated or even flipped over in doing so; the only rule is it must be in a different position from the one it was picked up from, thus come to rest covering at least one grid square that it was not previously covering. On moving a neutral piece, which is optional, a player simply picks it up then places it in any empty square anywhere on the board (even the same square, although this is the same as not moving it). The loser is the first player unable to move their L piece to a new position.
One basic strategy is to use a neutral piece and one's own piece to block a 3×3 square in one corner, and use a neutral piece to prevent the opponent's L piece from swapping to a mirror-image position. Another basic strategy is to move an L piece to block a half of the board, and use the neutral pieces to prevent the opponent's possible alternate positions.
These positions can often be achieved once a neutral piece is left in one of the eight killer spaces on the perimeter of the board. The killer spaces are the spaces on the perimeter, but not in a corner. On the next move, one either makes the previously placed killer a part of one's square, or uses it to block a perimeter position, and makes a square or half-board block with one's own L and a moved neutral piece.

The unique system of a game rating - LQ allows to compare your rating to a rating of other players.
LQ rating - your intelligence coefficient multiplied by the ability to think in an original way, to see the weaknesses in the position of the opponent's figures and win against a stronger player.

Play, win, get bonuses and share your achievements in social networks!