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One might describe MnemoTherapy as a quiz with a twist of fun and lateral thinking. Don't be disappointed if the first questions seem too easy, chances are you'll also be asking for hints later in the game and at the same time don't be disarmed if some questions seem to be too hard, we have faith in you :). You might choose to depict it differently after getting to know it, since our purpose was to develop a game that can make you flex your brain cells and smile at the same time. If we have succeeded or not, well, you'll be the judge of that.

To start your adventure, please click on the play icon from the main console. A list of categories will be displayed and you'll be able to choose your brain teaser. The bonus category will have to be unlocked by answering to questions and accumulating points. The first hint for each question is the category under which the question is listed. Each category starts with easy riddles and they get harder as you advance. The questions have a difficulty rating in the 1 to 5 stars range and points will be awarded based on the question’s rating. As an example, for answering a 1 star question you'll receive 10 points and for answering a 5 stars question you'll receive 50 points. The Bonus category contains some of the trickier riddles and will be automatically unlocked once you have accumulated enough points.

MnemoTherapy provides riddles in the following categories:
- Countries and Cities
- Mountains
- Mythology
- Human Evolution
- Movies
- Animals and Plants
- Architecture
- Music
- History
- Sculpture and Painting
- Oceans and Rivers
- Literature
- Sports
- Riddle Me This

As a preview, here are some of the easy riddles you will find in MnemoTherapy:

Countries and Cities Category:

1. All roads used to go there.
2. We'll always have Paris.

Mountains Category:

1. Granite faces.
2. In the middle of the world's most famous carnival.

As you progress, you'll receive various achievements that you'll be able to share with your friends. In order to do so, just go the Achievements section from the main console, select from the list an achievement you have already unlocked and choose to share it on Facebook. The rest is up to you. Have fun!