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Anaesthesia CPD

iPhone / iPad
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UK: eligible for level 1 RCoA CPD points (max 10 / year)
Aus + NZ: eligible for category two, level one ANZCA CPD points (max 10 / year)

CPD for anaesthetists on your iPhone! No internet connection required, do it in theatre, on the bus home, even in a plane! There are 12 CPD points available in this app.

The app contains eleven categories with 1 CPD point available in each. These include

1 - physiology
2 - pharmacology
3 - physics
4 - airway assessment
5 - anaphylaxis
6 - advanced life support (Adult)
7 - thromboprophylaxis
8 - basic life support (Adult)
9 - data protection (UK centric)
10 - cardiovascular physiology
11 - obstetric physiology
12 - protecting vulnerable adults (UK centric)
13 - vote for the next module via twitter @conquestfrca. Work has begun on protecting vulnerable adults. I am looking for contributors to next new modules, ethics, teaching and inotropes.

In each of these categories there a 25 five stem MCQs . If you score above 80% will be able to produce a certificate issuing 1 CPD point in that category. You can email this certificate to yourself or take a screen grab (if you give the app access, which it will ask for, the app will automatically take a picture of the certificate). If you get score under 80% you will be able to review the questions and their explanations. After this you can resit the questions and hopefully achieve 80% or more.

An internet connection is required to download the questions but after that no internet connection is required for the app to work.

Currently we only feature RCoA points but hope that our American, Canadian and South African. Our Australian and New Zealand colleagues are ok to use this app, I just need to update the certificate production (will wait for other colleges to clarify their standpoint before updating).

In time we hope to add more categories in line with the RCoA and international anaesthesia colleges guidance. Features of the app include

1, Colour coding to help identify correct answers
2, Cumulative scoring
3, Problem reporting incase there are any errors
4, Review of your answers with highlighting of poorly answered questions
5, Certificate production
6, Every question has it's rationale (in many of these there are hyperlinks to useful web resources)

From the makers of Conquest FRCA anaesthesia exam revision iOS app. The two apps share a database, so if you contribute to one, you will be contributing to the other. Trainees helping seniors, seniors helping trainees. Beautiful!

As always, if you have any ideas, suggestions or queries please email me at We are always looking for new content and if you want to involved in any way please email me.

CALL FOR AUTHORS. Submit 10 questions in the topic of your choice (which is not already covered) to get a certificate for your CV, a free copy of either of our apps and a mention here on the app store as a 2nd author. Email me at or ask via my twitter @conquestfrca is you are interested.

Would like to thank
Dr. Claire Badawi
Dr. Fraser wiggins
Dr. Gerard Gould
Dr. Malcolm Parsloe
Dr. Christopher Scanlon
Dr. Kate Murray
Dr. Andrew Slator
Dr. Nick Mcneillis
Dr. Timothy Arnold
Dr. Kathy Shammas
Dr. Vazira Moosajee
Dr. Kai Rabenstein
Dr. Laura de Neumann
Dr. Emily Bolton
Dr. Harjeet Virk
Dr. Sarah Whiting
Dr. Binu Raj
Dr. Cara Hammond
Dr. Tao Allan
Dr. Victoria Bower
Dr. Venkat
Dr. Janos Mayer
Dr. Sinan Bahlool
Dr. Matthew Ilchysyn (2nd author)
Dr. Chris Reid (2nd author)
Dr. Fiona Stonley (2nd author)
Dr. Vanesha Patel (2nd author)
Dr. Rachael Grimaldi (2nd author)
Dr. Mohammed Akuji (2nd author)
Dr. Stewart French (2nd author)
Dr. Simon Thorp (2nd author)
Dr. Patrick Thorburn (2nd author)
Dr. Michele Bossy (2nd author)