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A Christmas tale without any bright red suits or great white beards. In this tale, Santa Claus is named Fred and he needs all the help he can get from his friends to make sure all the presents are delivered on time.

Not recommended for younger children who still believe in Santa Claus.

This free abbreviated version will give you an idea of the story.
If you enjoyed the first chapter, you can purchase the whole story!

Santa Claus has inspired many children’s books authors. He has also become a highly marketable product of consumer culture. With the current economic crisis, the time has come to tell the TRUE story of Santa Claus: who he is, how he gets his job done and who helps him do it.
This is a fun, thoughtful and heartfelt story without all the “bling”.

Some reasons that will make you love this new tale:

- This is not just another Christmas story but THE truth about Santa Claus told in an original and heartfelt way.
- Animated illustrations with festive music.
- 15 min of honesty and truth.
- Available in 2 languages: English and French.
- A way to experience the story that can be either silent or read by a storyteller.

This book is part of the “To Read” collection by La Souris Qui Raconte, which can be
identified by the eye symbol in the right corner of the icon. It does contain some
interactive animations such as
-Make Aboubakar laugh
-Take a picture of Santa Claus and the baby
-Empty the piggy bank

La Souris Qui Raconte publishes original works that are 100% digital, adapted for
web reading as well as e-book readers and makes reading fun! The company
distinguishes itself in the publishing world by setting previously unpublished stories
in an imaginative graphic world. Its collections will appeal to parents who are eager to
find responsible digital literature for their children aged between 5 and 10 years old.

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