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Math Race 210

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Math Race 210 is a challenging two player game where the object is to enter the correct answer to a math problem faster than your opponent.

20 different types of problems based on the Common Core Standards for Elementary Mathematics can be selected and are randomly generated while students are playing the game.

Select from 20 Different Game Levels Based on the Common Core Standards for Mathematics.

Tap the settings icon and use a slider to select an appropriate level for the game. Once the skill level has been selected the players tap the 'GO' button to indicate that they are ready to begin. Randomly generated math problems flash on the screen at the selected level. Each student tries to be the first to enter an answer.

The first student to enter the correct answer earns a star. The object is to be the first player to get 10 stars in order to win the round.

This two-player game is challenging and fun. Students sit opposite each other with the iPad flat on a table between them. The game provides fast action as players race to be the first to earn 10 stars.