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ADS-B View is a NextGen airspace app that provides graphical weather, traffic and text data to the aircraft pilot/crew. The app operates with FreeFlight System's XPLORER and RANGR ADS-B aviation radios. These ADS-B radios receive FAA-supplied broadcasts that include weather and traffic information and transmit that information to the ADS-B View app via wifi. The app then displays the graphical weather and traffic information on a simple-to-use, scrollable and zoomable map. The graphical weather can be placed into a looping mode so that the weather changes can be viewed over time. The map can be configured to show runways, lakes, state and county lines and roadways. Bookmarks allow the user to easily return to previously viewed areas. The user can select a freely-scrollable map view, or have the aircraft remain centered on the map either North-up or Track-up. In addition, textual information, such as METARs, is provided in a separate table view.

Note: When using the XPLORER, the XPLORER radio must be configured to provide the traffic information to the app. A certified aircraft ADS-B out source is required in order to receive traffic information. Please contact FreeFlight Systems for more information on how to configure the XPLORER to output traffic information.

Note: The RANGR radio is a certified (TSO'd) ADS-B in/out device and thus requires no additional settings to output traffic information.