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iRife Detox

iPhone / iPad
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Lets face it, we're getting slammed by chemtrails, garbage in the food we eat, polluted water supplies and more. We didn't have to face these problems 20 years ago.

Now, people are wondering why they have NO energy and feel lousy most of the time. You can make a choice right now and get back to feeling alive again...

Rife Frequencies came about from Dr. Royal Rife and his work with the effects of frequencies on humans and had a 100% success rate with various problems.

Modern Rife systems are inclined to use audio. There are many reasons for this - one being safety. Recent discoveries and field trials have proven that audio is very effective when using Rife Frequencies.

One fact that sound is 5 times more efficient in water than air. This is how whales communicate over such long distances. We humans are made up of mostly water. Now, this technology is used by doctors and universities around the globe.


* Main Detox - General Rife Frequency Detox set.

* Chemtrail Detox - What are they doing up there? This is a detox from reactions to chemtrails.

* Liver - Our liver is our body's filter. When it is clogged we feel lousy and a toxic liver can cause allergies and a whole list of other problems for us.

* Candida - It's a natural thing in our bodies that can get out of control, because of GMOs and preservatives. Candida detox can be very useful with weight loss and depression.

If you are looking for airy fairy sounds and background music - THIS APP IS NOT FOR YOU. Rife frequencies can be annoying and downright obnoxious, but they are composed for a specific purpose to complete a specific task.

iRife Detox handles the task...Now, you can have a Rife System in the palm of your hand!

iRife Detox is composed of presets to specifically handle detoxifying your body.

To use iRife Detox, you need headphones (preferrably the big over the ear type) or speakers. Yes - you can run the frequencies while driving in your car as well.

Welcome to the future :-)

Get iRife Detox Now and FEEL GOOD AGAIN...