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Problems/suggestions/issues/questions: Check out the troubleshooting notes below. If they don't help, please email me at to help sort them out!

CloudClip lets you automatically share your clipboard items between all your devices.

On the Mac: Any time you copy something to the clipboard, it automatically syncs to iCloud. Open CloudClip on your iOS device to access it.

On the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Copy something to the clipboard, open CloudClip to start the sync, and then access it from the CloudClip menu on your Mac.

Works between all your Macs and iOS devices!

Tap an item:
Phone number - Dial or text message
Web address - Opens in your browser
Location - Opens in maps
Email Address - Opens an email
Anything else - Copies to clipboard

Swipe left or long press on an item for more options, or tap the detail button to read long clips.

It's incredible handy.

Automatically syncs your last 15 clipboard items. Easily clear items individually by swiping left on the item, or all at once in the app's Settings.

Check out the Settings to also set:
- Whether to automatically add clips
- Choose your favorite browser and Maps app
- View help and troubleshooting tips.


- Requires iCloud.
- Mac sync requires CloudClip Manager for Mac, available for free in the Mac App Store.
- OS X Yosemite and OS X El Capitan are only compatible with iOS 8 & 9. OS Mavericks and earlier are only compatible with iOS 8 and earlier. See notes below on iCloud Drive for more information.


If things don't seem to be working properly, try the following on all your devices. (iCloud settings are found at Settings -> iCloud on your iOS devices, and System Preferences -> iCloud on your Macs.)
- Check all your devices are using the same iCloud account.
- Check iCloud Drive (or Documents & Data for older operating systems) is enabled on all your devices. (See below for notes on iCloud Drive.)
- Try restarting your devices.
- Try disabling and then re-enabling iCloud Drive on your devices.

iCloud Drive
- iCloud Drive is a replacement feature, introduced in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, for the Documents & Data feature in older versions of iOS.
- iOS 9, OS X El Capitan, and OS X Yosemite require iCloud Drive, and will not sync with the older versions of OS X or iOS.
- iOS 8 supports either iCloud Drive (to sync with OS X Yosemite) or Documents & Data (to sync with older versions of iOS and OS X).
- You can enable iCloud Drive in Settings -> iCloud on your iOS 8+ devices, and System Preferences -> iCloud on OS X.
- Once you upgrade to iCloud Drive, older versions will no longer sync at all. The upgrade is irreversible.
- See this Apple Support document for more information:

If those don't seem to do the trick, email me at Thanks!


cloudclip://add/(url encoded text)