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My Craps Game 2012

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My Craps Game 2012 is a computer simulation to learn to play Craps the right way, with the right rules, the right math and the right Las Vegas Odds. No gambling involved, just a fun computer Craps game. Completely redesigned to be compatible with the original iPad (1 and 2) format as well as the the "New" iPad (3) Retina format and iPad Mini. One App for all formats. Compatible with iOS 6 and iOS 5.

Originally designed in 2007 for desktop systems, My Craps Game 2012 now has a version for the Apple iPad. Written from the ground up for the Apple iPad by a Craps Tournament finalist after much research in the Las Vegas casinos on how Dealers work the game. Revered by Craps players as a feature rich look at the ancient game, played the right way. While other iPad Craps apps promote 3D/HD graphics, those apps play Craps with the wrong rules, wrong odds & wrong math. My Craps Game gets it right.

Play it before you hit the live Craps tables, learn to get good. Feel welcome to review the game Help systems, online at An Intro Video and 3 How to Win at Craps Videos are provided on the game web site and via the App.

Regarding the very sophisticated Random Number Generator, many of our experienced players know that in a true random manner, the shooter will Seven Out typically 50% to 60% of the time, this is normal and expected, so they take advantage of that (see Videos). This is why we practice. The simulation is designed to provide a realistic expectation of a live table, not to just let you win.

Please direct any customer service or installation issues to Digital Showcase LLC as above. Posting a personal installation problem as if it were a product review is not recommended.

Some unsolicited observations by customers of My Craps Game:
"This is a very enjoyable application and realistically lets a beginner or seasoned player develop good practicing sessions before doing realistic casino play. A must buy for anyone who wants to learn this game on an iPad. Most enjoyable and well developed."

Michael - "As far as flashy graphics, I've seen a number of games out there, but no one come near yours as playing by the true rules of the game. Pretty much every game out there I've looked at and none holds a candle to yours in the way you adhere to the rules. You have stayed very true to the rules. I don't know of any other game out there which does."

Rob - "Great product you have and it's certainly helped me become a better craps player."

Alan S. - "Your program is outstanding! Thank you for all of your efforts in developing this truly fantastic software."

Alexander - "A brilliant product for testing new systems."

Rochelle - "Your game really is the best craps game that I have played thus far. You are definitely capitalizing on ease of use."

John - "I think you’ve created a really cool, useful and fun piece of software. I wish I had it years ago when I learned through hard knocks. Your game definitely will help a new comer develop the confidence they need before putting down hard earned cash."

Rob - "I really love your software - it's the best out there for practicing methods."

Reid - "This is the best, most user friendly craps simulator out there. Keep up the good work!"

John - "I Love your craps game. The history and stats are great."

Rob - "I really love your software - it's the best out there for practicing methods."