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Raffle - Liars Dice Multiplayer

iPhone / iPad
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Raffle - Liars Dice is an incredible cool dice-game to play with friends or random players. It has been played in many movies, most known is maybe the scene in Pirates of the Caribbean.

The game consists of 2-5 players, and each player starts with 5 dices and a cup.
The play is turned based, and the object is to bet on how many dices there are in total amongst all players. You either have to bet a higher dice-value, or amount of dices than the player to your right, or call his/her bet a lie.

One round goes on until someone calls the previous bet a lie, and all players reveals their dice values. The loosing player, depending on the bet was correct or not, looses 1 dice, and another round starts.

The game is finished when only 1 player have dices left.
It has elements from both math and poker.

It is played with random players from all over the world, so you need internet connection to play. We will soon release a new version where you can invite your friends, and take part in weekly tournaments.

Download and play this thrilling game now!