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Senti makes it easy to keep a record of how you're doing and what's going on in your life. Just answer a few thoughtful questions a day when they show up on your phone. You'll see a graph of your mood over time, and a notebook for your thoughts.

Your daily questions are selected for you and timed based on your past answers. You can get extra questions whenever you want, on a growing list of different topics - all about mood, habits, wellness, thoughts, and feelings.

** Senti is secure and anonymous by default. Read more about this below and in our privacy policy. **

- A few thoughtful questions a day
- A reliable record of your mood, day-by-day and week-by-week
- Questions are always different and selected to be relevant for you
- Keep a notebook simply by completing sentences
- Focus on topics that are most important to you

What's the idea?
We're not naturally very good at remembering how we felt last week or predicting how we're going to feel tomorrow. Looking back, we tend to remember specific events and how we felt about them, while the rest of the moments of our days fade away. Looking forward, we often overestimate the effect that events -- good or bad -- will have on our happiness or stress.

Senti helps you navigate how you feel in ordinary, daily life by reminding you to think about where you are a few times a day -- and keeping a simple record of where you've been.

How reliable are the results?
In a year-long pilot, people using Senti reported that the results matched up with significant events and changes in their lives, improved their recollection of prior day events, and gave meaningful insight into longer term trends in mood and happiness. As a more quantitative validation, the app is capable of providing "blind" next-day forecasts of results with high reliability over a wide range.

The most important measure of whether senti "works", though, is yours. Mood is subjective by definition, and only you can really say whether the results are true for you.

Privacy & Personalization
Senti is committed to supporting privacy to the level you choose, and to making the options truly transparent to you. The Senti iPhone app is designed to be completely anonymous by default. We don't collect any identifying information through the app about you or your phone. At some point in the future, you will have the option to create an account to gain access to additional features. At that point, you will also have the option to continue using the app anonymously.