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Balloon Pop! - Learn Emotions

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Balloon Pop is an important and engaging first step to helping your child thrive in the complex world of human emotions! Do2Learn has discovered a way to help children learn to read faces with this popular and fun arcade-style game.

Balloon Pop is an adaptation from the highly-successful Faceland software suite, which received a Parents’ Choice Gold Award. It instructs children on the elements of different feelings by having them tap and pop different forms of faces showing that emotion. Though fun, this learning is effective and rigorous – dozens of correct responses are needed to win the game. And these faces are truly diverse, representing a wide range of age and ethnicity, allowing your child to learn how to read nearly everyone.

The game provides visual and verbal clues to recognizing expressions. If your child gets stumped, it will display right answers. Spaced repetition, randomization, and other proven pedagogical methods have shown children achieve stunning results. In controlled studies, this program not only taught what to look for in a face, but helped generalize that understanding to the people in each child’s life.

Built in history records dates of play, times, correct and incorrect counts, completed games, and a score that rewards faster and more accurate responses for sharing over the network with other players. Results can be emailed for IEP and progress tracking.

Balloon Pop features:
•A rewarding end game designed to delight with sound, color and motion
•Strict standards for success – many correct balloon pops are needed to win!
•Colorful balloons featuring faces of all ages and races
•Hints on what to look for in a face when identifying a particular emotion
•A ‘Show me the correct answer’ option if your child needs help
•Randomization of correct responses and order means great replay value
•A swelling balloon in the corner to indicate progress, with an explosive reward at the end
•Progress reports to see how your child is performing and improving

Start with Surprise and add Happiness and Anger to this app as your child’s emotional skills progress.

Social situations don’t have to be a stressor – help your child recognize how others are feeling from their facial expressions.

About Do2Learn

For over fifteen years, Do2Learn has provided engaging, interactive programs for children and adults. Our resources are used in classrooms in all fifty states and most countries around the world. We provide not only learning songs and games for children but also transition guides for employment and life skills. Though effective for everyone, our programs help children with autism, attention deficit, and other disorders discover true academic success.

Do2Learn’s goal is to apply the latest learning styles to develop solutions that parents and teachers can use in their daily lives. Staffed by a team of educational and technical experts, our apps reflect cutting-edge techniques. Our programs are evidence based, funded by national research centers, and backed by solid research studies.

Most importantly, we listen to parents and teachers when they tell us what they need to make their lives easier. Our apps are safe, educational and engaging, perfect for when you’re trapped in a busy airport or check-out line, or engaging the whole class in a group activity. Do2Learn respects the challenge and the joy of learning. Kids love our games, and we know you’ll love to see them learn.

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