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Pavlov for Dogs

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
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Application to resolve behavioural problems in dogs using the phenomenon of Pavlovian conditioning. Fireworks, gunshots and other sounds that your pet is fearful of can easily be remedied using Pavlov for Dogs.

Devised by animal behaviourist Dr SD McBride and based on scientific research, Pavlov for Dogs significantly reduces unwanted behaviours in your dog that result from him or her being fearful of certain sound-based events or stimuli, for example, fireworks, thunder and lightning or car alarms. This is achieved by associating the unpleasant stimulus with something the animal considers to be positive in its life, food. This is referred to as classical or 'pavlovian' conditioning. The app allows you to set up a training programme using either pre-recorded stimuli or sounds that you record yourself and present them to your dog during periods when it is being fed. The animal slowly links the sound stimulus to the positive event of meal times and thereby stops reacting in a way that if often detrimental to the animal or to the owner.