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Wisdom C Keys

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Have you ever wondered: “When will I ever be creative?” Think you are not creative at all? Then think twice, this app is for you! Discover how you can be creative simply because you are a living, breathing human being with a God-given creative DNA. You are wired to be creative.

Wisdom Keys for Creativity presents 12 master keys for releasing your creative potential. Through this app you will discover that being creative is an innate part of who you are and taking advantage of your creative abilities is really not as complicated as many of us are led to believe. This app is an absolutely handy tool for all leaders, teachers, pastors, entrepreneurs, students, and anyone desirous of tapping into their creative wealth.

Wisdom Keys for Creativity takes you into an eye-opening journey of a lifetime. The keys espoused in this app are practical, transformative and revolutionary enabling you to attain the full realization of your creative DNA. This app will transform your life and instruct you on how to apply the 12 wisdom keys or principles that will enable you to glean out of your creative juices and effortlessly become who you really were meant to be.

Conveniently organized, Wisdom Keys for Creativity is categorized with the user’s comfort ability in mind, and to enable you to access the keys for creativity easily. There are twelve keys in this app referred to as master keys. They are:

1. The Recognition Key,
2. The Belief and Acceptance Key,
3. The Faith and Passion Key,
4. The Environment Key,
5. The Identity Key,
6. The Meaning Key,
7. The Spiritual Key,
8. The Thankfulness Key,
9. The Storage Key,
10. The Wisdom Daily Key,
11. The Diligent Search Key and
12. The Generational Mind Set Key

Keys are a very interesting set of tools. Keys have unique abilities. They have the ability to unlock and to lock at the same time. Turn it one way and you lock resources away, even from those they belong to. Turn it the other way and you release resources and give people back to themselves. To realize your true creative potential you need to dig deep into your quantum and spiritual level and think differently about yourself.

Keys are also precise. Their usage is calculated. Keys have the ability to open only what aligns with them correctly. As Dr. Mike Murdock puts it: “You do not need a lot of keys to enter a bank vault. Just the right key.” Little keys often unlock huge treasures.

Invest in Yourself, Your Family and Friends This Priceless Gift of Wisdom Keys for Creativity. You will never be the same again.

Here’s a quick run-down list of some of the unique features awaiting you in Wisdom Keys for Creativity:

* User friendly buttons and links
* Easy and user-friendly connectivity to social media networks such and facebook, Twitter and YouTube
* An engaging Blog on wisdom keys for creativity which provide a complete perspective on issues pertaining to creativity, wisdom and the role of keys in a dynamic and transformative way from bloggers all over the world.
* Ability to access daily wisdom and creativity nuggets by the author and various contributors.
* The Keys in the app are organized in a practical user friendly mode with visual aid for point illustration
* An online store containing resources on wisdom and creativity in the form of e-Books and audio books, books (pint), Mp3s and audio CDs (easily downloadable and at a reasonable cost.)
* A rare peak into the world of the creator of Wisdom Keys for Creativity.
* Email or text daily wisdom and creativity nuggets to friends and family
* Linked with a website where you can create an account and join the lively blog discussion
* App versions available for iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Android.
* Available at the reasonable price of only $1.99 (USD)

You’re going to love this indispensable tool! It has great resources to you need to help you release your creative potential