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Is there experience by which imitation equipment for restrooms of a sound princess wasn't installed and drained inevitably in the restroom of female everyone and going out destination? Though I think it's wasteful, it's drained, and also forgives and forgets shame. Such experience won't be necessary any more.
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. It's pretty and is appearance of the application which can be used "EcoLady". "EcoLady" is "imitation equipment for restrooms". 3 kinds of sound was prepared.
The how to use is very easy.
When a tap does middle drop of water Tree peony, sound will ring immediately.
The first setting in case of and 30 second sound ring, and a fadeout is done. When I'd like to be well-known, when a tap buttons up endlessly, it rings all the while. As a tap does middle drop of water Tree peony when I'd like to stop sound.
It's also possible to know how long one could save water. When a tap makes the "i" Tree peony with which a cat is playing the screen center right side, the history used so far and the history used last time are indicated. Used time, you're careful of submergence of iPhone, and can I have it?

[Use method]
■ revival method A tap do central drop of water Tree peony, please.

■ Stop method A tap do central drop of water Tree peony, please.

■ The way to ring sound for more than 30 seconds Please turn on endless Tree peony.

■ About the volume.
* It's connected with the terminal volume.
* I can also thrust at the intention that sound rings with a mode of manners, and can I have it?
* The volume comes to the center for initialization. When the volume is small, please control the volume at a slide bar.
* There is a volume mark in both ends in a slide bar, but a tap marks the left.
The volume will be a minimum (0) in an instant. When a tap marks the right, the volume becomes biggest in an instant.

■ About change in the sound.
A tap do "sound" under the screen center, please to change the sound. I move to a sound change screen.
Sound is 3 kinds,* running water sound, a brook and a forest. When a tap chooses favorite sound, and does the Tree peony to which the upper left "returns", it's choice completion. The name of the sound chosen in the screen center lower right is indicated. It's possible to audition sound by "preview" Tree peony in the upper right. When auditioning, there is a slider around the center, so please also utilize here. ※ Even a mode of manners rings.
※ It's connected with the terminal volume.

■ A tap do "i" Tree peony on the center right side about the use history, please. I move to "EcoLady use history screen".
* Total ⇒ The former use history can be confirmed. *⇒ can confirm the last use history last time.
* The Eco number of times ⇒ The number of times and Eco time which rang sound ⇒ Time until it stops after sound is rung, and the Eco quantity of water ⇒ It's the water conservation amount Arithmetic expression of the※ Eco quantity of water It's established as Eco time x rule of thumb which are 0.6 liters of※ and a general restroom 0.6 liters.

* Reset method It's possible to reset the Total history.
A tap do a cat in the lower left, please to reset.
It's confirmed whether you reset, so when resetting, please choose execution.

[Precautions ]
* sound was made so that it might ring big to cheat sound tightly. When ringing sound on probation, a sound may be too loud, so please be careful of setting of the volume.
* When using in the restroom, please be careful of submergence enough.