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True Compass for iPad

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Why be unsure when you can be dead-on with the target direction. All type of compasses get their bearing from the Earth’s magnetic field and have issues which can affect the targets. Find the ‘True’ direction to target with the most accurate and easy way anywhere on Earth! Its “instant” response allows truly dynamic alignment and pleasant feedback on any smart phone or tablet. It also displays the magnetic compass so anyone can do on-the-spot magnetic declination for magnetic or electronic compass anywhere on Earth to find the true north which is needed for navigation use.

Key Features :

Stellar Compass : Point the smart phone or tablet to sun, moon or the shadow of the sun and get the true shortest direction and distance to any locations, no instabilities as seen in magnetic or electronic compasses.
Target Selection : Select your personal location targets from an on-screen map, personalized list, or specify GPS coordinates
Unique Compass Dial : The compass dial displays over 24 types of information such as current and annual daylight, sunset, and sunrise, and sun’s azimuth angle
Advanced Mapping Functions : Using Satellite, Terrain and Hybrid Map modes find the distance and bearing between any two points on earth
Language Support : Customize to 39 different languages
Advanced Calculations : TrueCompass, powered by the OEA International, Inc. Astronomical and Navigational Utilities, calculates the sun and moon elevation and azimuth angles in the level of accuracy of better than 0.01 degrees on any time any date, anywhere, from the South Pole to the North Pole.

Why magnetic and electronic compasses can be incorrect :

Accurate global directional determination is an important capability for navigation, surveying and for other terrestrial tasks.magnetic needle, as in the simple magnetic compass, aligns itself with the magnetic field direction at that location. If the field is only produced by the Earth’s core, it is fair to say it will point towards the magnetic north. An electronic magnetic field sensing element, like in the smart phones or tablets, does the same thing without any moving parts. However, there are many factors which can affect the magnetic field direction which makes it point significantly different than the magnetic north, such as:
The magnetic field generated in the core of the earth changes with time changing the direction where the compass points. It is well known that the magnetic poles change by a small amount.In addition, the composition of Earth’s outer crust has large iron or nickel ore deposits which can locally change the magnetic field. Thus, a magnetic compass with a map, but without an updated Magnetic Declination map, is not enough for bearing applications in navigation. Following are causes of magnetic fields which will cause bearing errors and can not be corrected by the Magnetic Declination information;

➤Space born magnetic fields like variable solar activity

➤The presence of a magnet or a magnetic material in close proximity to the smart device. For instance a transformers, cars, or electrical machinery can easily cause 45° deviation!

➤Electric currents disturb the magnetic or electronic compass readings if the magnetic fields that they generate are in the order of Earth’s magnetic field.Smart phones have currents in the close proximity of their electronic compasses and they can affect their readings

➤The magnets used in the microphone and/or speaker of a smart phone or tablet computer .In addition, cases with magnetic covers and those containing steel can create large inaccuracies in readings

➤Electronic compass response time, stability and the smoothness in following a rotational motion cannot match a conventional magnetic compass. The methodology used in TrueCompass gives direction as steady as one can point. Try comparing your smart device to one!

(Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life)