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[What is iPad-DermaVision, a professional skin diagnosis system?]

iPad-DermaVision is a professional application for skin diagnosis, which conveniently analyzes “melanin, erythema, s-gray, pore, face size and skin surface” using the iPad camera. It has the function of comparing skin conditions before and after a treatment.
The professional skin diagnosis application is a program developed based on the experience in past development of skin diagnostic devices used by over 320 dermatologists of general hospitals, local dermatologist clinics, and also, plastic surgeons. This application is jointly developed by OptoBioMed Co., Ltd. and dermatologists for professional skin diagnosis, and it is being exported to clinics all over the world.

* Constitution (options) : iPad rack and jaw rack, lighting and USB power, aluminum case.
(Using the iPad rack or the lighting to take photos will give precise results of
photographing and diagnosis-For purchase : +82-33-742-6015)
* Area of analysis : Freckles, blemishes, acne, redness, pores, skin tone, skin surface etc.
* Applicability : skin care salons, consmetics shop, skin-related industries, skin-related hospital

[Constitution of professional skin diagnosis application]

1) Photo of area for analysis
2) Image analysis and diagnosis(Fixed-area and Free-area analysis)
3) Analysis and diagnosis of area, before and after treatment
(Fixed-area and Free-area analysis)
4) See the analysis result
5) Save analyzed image and image management

[Analysis method of professional skin analysis application]

1) Analysis of melanin and Erythema
- Melanin : Analyses the darkened areas of the freckles,pigmentation, or blemishes etc.
- Erythema : Analyzes reddened area of skin such as acne, redness,etc.
- Diagnoses and analyses normal skin and abnormal skin status in 5 to 10 stages, using the 256 color bar.
(Utilize the “Before/After images Compare” function to quantitatively analyze the improvement in a graph)
- The closer it is to blue, the better the condition of skin, and closer it is to yellow or red, the worse the condition of skin.
- Through the comparison of before and after images, the degree of melanin and Erythema improvement can be quantitatively analyzed.
- The results can be observed for convenient skin consultation.
2) Pore analysis : Before/After analysis
- The number of abnormal pores is counted.
3) S-Gray analysis : Before/After analysis
- Analyses skin tone and pigmentation in percentages.
4) Skin surface analysis : Before/After analysis
- Analyzes the dents of the epidermis in percentages.
5) Face size analysis : Before/After analysis
- The display of the face size

[How to use iPad-DermaVision?]

1) Run the downloaded iPad-DermaVision icon.
2) Select “Photo” and select the desired areas (right, front, left) to take the photo.
3) Select “Analyze” after taking the photograph to analyze the current status of skin.
4) Select “See analyzed photo”
5) Select “Save” in order to save the analyzed photo.
6) Select “See result” to see the analyzed values of “melanin, erythema, S-Gray, pore, and skin surface.”
7) The “Save” button can be utilized to save the analyzed result.
8) Select “Take photo again” to repeat the above process for analysis.
9) Utilize the “Before/After images Compare” function to quantitatively analyze the improvement in a graph.

[Precaution]: Please make sure to read the precautions before taking the photo.
1) When taking the photo, make sure to exactly position the right, front, and left of the face.
(Select the desired area of the face when taking the photo. – 45 degrees when taking the photo of the sides- left and right)
2) Make sure not to go beyond the area of analysis when taking the photo of the face.
3) When using the lighting,
Taking the photo in a slightly dark area or with backlight (lighting caution) will give high quality images, for exact and precise comparison and analysis of images.