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The Official Guide to Galaxy on Fire 2 - HD edition

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Do you know your Tyrfing Blaster from your 128MJ Railgun? Can you pinpoint the tactical advantages of each ship in the Nivelian fleet? Would you know whether trading in Pan Whiskey is more profitable than sticking with Y’mirr Schnapps?

No? Then the Official Pocket Gamer Guide to Galaxy on Fire 2 is for you. It’s the essential companion app to your GOF2 experience, and you’ll find it but a click away.

Pocket Gamer Guides are a new line of delightfully interactive iOS apps designed to help you take your iPhone/iPad playing to the very limit of human enjoyment.


Each PG Guide delivers an awesomely touch-friendly package designed to aid the newcomer, but is comprehensive enough to help out the seasoned fan, too: From series backgrounds, mission logs, complete in-game item breakdowns, tactical advice, character rundowns, to gameworld exposés, developer interviews (with insider tips, no less), sneak peeks at upcoming updates, and more – it’s all here. And all wrapped up in a layer of interactive deliciousness that only a digital creation can provide.

So the next time you’re stuck, remember you don’t have to be. If there’s a Pocket Gamer Guide for your game of choice, playing nirvana awaits.

The Official Pocket Gamer Guide to Galaxy on Fire 2 features:

• Dive into the only official Galaxy on Fire guide, covering GOF2, as well as the Valkyrie and Supernova add-ons

• Make the right choice with our comprehensive profiles of all of the weapons available in the GOF2 universe

• Get to know the complete GOF2 fleet with our rundown of the complete set of official stats and info

• Be on first-name terms with the games’s vast range of equipment and plan your upgrade path according to your play preferences

• Maximize your profits by learning where to buy and where to sell every commodity with our handy taptastic breakdown

• Glimpse at Supernova, with our complete content breakdown of the latest – and greatest – GOF2 add-on yet

• All of the GOF2 Blueprints exposed: know their location, learn the recipes, enjoy your creations

• Tour the GOF2 universe and its Jumpgate network with our intergalactic sat-nav

• Go behind-the-scenes thanks to exclusive in-depth interviews with the minds behind the Galaxy on Fire games

• And more, more, more...