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Hydration Station

iPhone / iPad
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Hangovers are a by-product of dehydration, which is a side effect of drinking alcoholic beverages. If you’ve ever been hungover, or just plain dehydrated, it’s likely that you didn’t drink enough water, which is why you found yourself in a lousy condition.

Hydration Station is a tested and verified hangover prevention application that sends you CUSTOM VOICE reminders to drink water while consuming alcohol to prevent dehydration and its ugly cousin, the hangover. Hydration Station’s voice notifications are made not only to encourage you to drink water, but to enjoy doing so by having a laugh while imbibing H2O.

Watch your friends’ reactions as Austrian Strong Man tells you to “Hydration Station RIGHT NOW” while at a party, and be the first to wake up ready to take on the day the next morning! Or, if you prefer daily water drinking reminders for those long days on the go, allow Hydration Station to remind you to have 8 glasses a day.

Why use Hydration Station?
1. OPTIMIZE HANGOVER PREVENTION: By following Hydration Station’s specific water conversion table, you will be able to most effectively counteract the effects of a hangover based on each drink type and quantity. The water reminders occur every hour and instruct the user to drink a specific amount of H2O based on the drinks input during that hour.
2. SET FREQUENCY HYDRATION REMINDERS: Choose 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours for hydration reminders, then stay tuned for your voice reminder!
3. ENTERTAIN YOUR FRIENDS: Each Hydration Station voice is meant to make you and your friends laugh while staying hydrated.
4. STAY HYDRATED DAILY: For those that like to stay on top of their daily water consumption, utilize the “Daily Hydration” pie chart to input a glass of water until you reach 8 for the day, then stand by for an achievement award!
5. SELECT FROM 70+ VOICE REMINDERS: With the purchase of Hydration Station, you will receive 3 custom voice packs with 10+ samples in each. Listen to the samples of the other voice packs and upgrade for only .99! Voices include:
- Austrian Strong Man
- British Female
- British Butler
- Redneck Ron
- Latin Lover
- Insulting Robot
- Mobster

REMIND OTHERS TO HYDRATE: Utilize the Twitter and Facebook functions to remind you friends and family to have a glass of water so they too can stay healthy!

HYDRATION STATION is the only hangover PREVENTION App available – start hydrating NOW!