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PasswordBuddy helps you keep track of your passwords. Infact, you can just forget them. PWB generates them for you, stores them and with a simple click, you can see or even hear them.

As the passwords are stored in your device's keychain, make sure to back it up frequently. So in case your device gets lost or stolen, you don't lose your passwords.

Make sure you pick a GOOD master-password. Please, don't make it your pet's name. Use something like X?5pGz or similarly gibberish. It will be the only password you'll have to remember, so make it a really good one!!!

PasswordBuddy creates passwords with 16 characters, lowercase/uppercase letters, numbers and * ? % &. If a site doesn't accept the special characters, just leave them out.

Also, to increase security, you might consider skipping certain characters. Say, you always leave out the third and the fifth. Or you enter the first line from left to right and the second from right to left. Some easy to remember order, that only you will know.

Also, you should change your passwords from time to time. To generate a new password, simply click on the «generate» button in its detail-view. Don't forget to log in to your account with your old password first!

PasswordBuddy will tell you if your passwords are older than 90 days.