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Did you ever sing with your fingers??...

Now with FormanTouch you can! By simply using two touches and the device orientation you can produce vowel and vowel-like sounds, vibate them, make them more 'breathy', all in real time! You can sing on or off scale too!

FormanTouch is based on formant synthesis, a digital synthesis technique that raised a lot of academic interest back in the 60s and 70s. This app came up as a 'fruit' of a master thesis at the Univesity Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, when studying with the Music Technology Group.

With a simple but real multi-touch interface plus hand gestures, various singing voices come out, from smooth, human-like ones.. to roughly vibrating alien chants!.

One touch controls the vowel, another the note, while the orientation of the device adds the vibrato and the amount of noise. Simply navigate through the vowel space to adjust the timbre of your voice. Choose your scale and you can see the notes drawn along the circle. You can jump from one to another or drag your finger between the notes to get a portamento.

choose your scale and touch to sing....