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ChordTap -Composer imagination in sound of code-

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
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-Composer imagination in sound of code-

You do not need to memorize the code fingering.
Of course I can compose any time without instruments.

Code in the important progress is either hear or feel any changes.
Of course, there is also a theory is a shortcut to the first, but experience is progress.
You can compose while checking the easy chord progression with the push of a button.

Also, why not train the perfect pitch by listening repeatedly?
You will become what music life is more fulfilling if the tray Managing pitch.
I'm sure it will be your important tool.

This APP is,
・The composer is an application for support.
・Press the 288 button piano code is played.
・I was placed as much as possible button to-simple screen.

・You have been in short sound to make it easier to hear the code in the ear.
・ It is a sound that spread to put a little reverb.
・The screen design changes and 3,5 / 4 / 4.7 / 5.5 inches corresponding
・I have prepared 288 key in 4 page switching.
・New discoveries in each page game feeling just memorize the position so we changed the color scheme.

288button → piano chords play
M / m / 6/7 / m6 / m7 / M7 / add9 / aug / 7sus4 / dim / mM7 /
7 (9) / M7 (9) / madd9 / m7 (9) / m7 (11) / m7 (b5)
7(#5) / 7(#9) / 7(#11) / 7(13) / 7(b9) / 7(b13) * 12key