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ExamMate VCE Chemistry 4

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
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ExamMate VCE Chemistry Unit 4 – lets you efficiently learn and test your understanding of VCE Chemistry Unit 4. This app is powerful study tool for preparing and excelling in the exam.

Combining 635 instructive flash cards, numerous mnemonic devices (memory aids) to assist with recalling concepts, and the Leitner system for sorting this app is a must-have tool to efficiently and effectively revise and identify your weaknesses, allowing you to prioritize and focus your study-time.

Released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, with high quality graphics and text flash cards. Supports iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th generation.

Flash card topics include:

- Basics I. Bonding, interactions, the mole, precipitates
- Basics II. Ions, compounds, numbers, units, errors
- Basics III. Redox chemistry revision
- Basics IV. Acid-base chemistry revision
- Energy profiles and enthalpy change notation
- Factors affecting reaction rate
- Chemical equilibrium
- Acid-base equilibrium
- Chemical industry and waste management
- Sulfuric acid production
- Ammonia production
- Ethene production
- Nitric acid production
- Fossil fuels and alternative energy sources
- Energy from chemical reactions
- Electricity from chemical reactions
- Primary, secondary and fuel cells
- Electrolysis

Also a great study aid for other Year 12 level chemistry, including HSC Chemistry, and IB Chemistry.