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OptionGadget is a powerful and easy-to-use app for analyzing option strategies. It comes with a large set of example strategies that are easily customized and you can create your own strategies from scratch.

Option traders of all skill levels can use it as a modeling tool to help maximize profits while controlling risks. Students and beginners can use it as an interactive tool to reinforce their learning.

Use OptionGadget to analyze option strategies anywhere at anytime - a network connection or trading account is not required. Ideal for the plane/train/bus or classroom!

Feature Summary
• Over 40 pre-packaged example strategies that can be customized
• Strategy Editor to create your own strategies from scratch
• Profit/Loss and Greeks are displayed graphically or in tables
• Extensive customization allows easy what-if analysis
• Multiple option types including stocks, stocks with dividends, currencies, and futures
• Theoretical option price calculator
• Implied volatility estimator
• Easily export reports and graphics to other applications, email, and wireless printers.
• Supports iCloud for synchronization.

Easy to use
• Quickly define option and stock contracts and combine them to create new strategies
• Strategies are sorted by by name or most recent
• Easily switch between graph or table formats
• Define default values for common parameters
• Synchronize strategies across multiple iOS devices via iCloud.
• Includes comprehensive help - network connection is not required to view documentation
• Support via email

Efficient use of gestures
• Tap and pan graph to display details
• Pinch/zoom to resize graph
• Shake to cancel and clear
• Define contracts graphically via gesture
• Resize table text by tapping

Strategy Features
• Edit, save, sort, rename, delete
• Synchronize via iCloud
• Categorize as Bearish, Bullish, Neutral, or Volatile
• View as graph or table
• Specify price range of underlying asset
• Specify graph and table values: Profit/Loss and Greeks
• Export data and graphics to other apps, email, printer

Option Contracts
• Option type and model (see below)
• Buy/sell
• Call/put
• Quantity
• Expiration in days
• Strike price
• Option price

Stock (Underlying) Contracts
• Buy/sell
• Quantity
• Price

Option Types
• Simple vanilla option
• Option with dividend yield
• Futures option
• Margined futures option
• Currency option

Option Models
• European calculated with Black-Scholes
• American calculated with Cox-Ross-Rubinstein

Please note: OptionGadget is NOT a portfolio manager. It does not download quotes from the Internet or interact with trading services. OptionGadget is a stand-alone modeling tool for analyzing option strategies generically.