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TTM is an attendance management iPad Application that offers facility of tracking employee's assessment on daily basis i.e.
Employees can keep record of their Check-In, Check-Out time, along with tasks on daily basis. Administrator can supervise and manage employees, projects, customers and holiday records.

TTM app provide following functionalities:
1. TTM tracks employee’s Check-In, Check-Out Time along with Time sheet as per their working duration.
2. Admin can keep a record of employee's activity, as a mail would be send to admin every morning and evening, In addition, a email as a reminder will be send to employee’s who have not Checked In in morning and not filled time sheet by evening.
3. Admin can also add/edit Employee Detail, Project Detail, Customer Detail and Holidays etc.
4. Employee as well as Admin can track previous date’s time sheet.
5. App manages all employee related data for performance, Personal, Educational, Professional, Contact and profile.
6. Employee can set his/her profile image either by browsing from photo library or by capturing through camera.
7. Application also includes feature of “Forgot Password” to the employees which generates a new password and send it to his/her mail account.
8. Employee can login with QR Code to make login process faster.

Take a tour:
For Employee:
1. Employee can login to his/her account using User Name and Password or using QR Code .
2. Employee can Check-In, Check-Out and fill time sheet for a respective date. Filling time sheet includes project name, task description and duration to complete the task. Employee can fill multiple task’s. But total task duration cannot exceed work day hours.
3. Employee can visit his/her profile, change password and can send QR Code to his/her email.
4. Employee can browse and capture his/her photograph.

For Administrator:
1. Initially, Login Screen accommodates "GET MY CREDENTIALS" button. This button opens a registration page for the Administrator with status "Active", with a successful registration; it takes to Admin Home page, and "GET MY CREDENTIALS" button from the Login Screen disappears. Now admin can login with its username and password.
2. Under "Manage" button in Admin home page, admin can add, edit, and manage Employees, Projects, Customers and Company Calendar etc.
3. Admin home page includes functionalities like sorting, filtering and searching Employee etc.
4. Admin home page shows a list of all Employees with their designation and vacation count with respect to month.
5. Drill down for a selected Employee provides detail working description in 4 tabs as All Dates, Working Dates, Holidays, and Vacations with respect to a month along with employee's Check In, Check out Time and Time sheet Description.
6. This page also includes "Send Mail" button which sends mail to the admin about all employees check-In, check-Out, and time sheet description on daily basis. Email for the previous Dates can also be send.