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The user-friendly iCELLigence Software provides outstanding instrument control for flexible experiment set-ups, data acquisition and data analysis. All instrument and experiment controls are contained in the Software to simplify instrument set-up and operation. The iCELLigence Software consists of 8 function pages:

Experiment Set-up pages:
Protocol page
Procedure page
Layout page
Experiment Monitoring and Data Analysis pages:
Cell Index page
Exp Notes page
Well Graph page
Message page
Analysis page

The first 3 pages contain functions required for running experiments. The latter 5 pages contain functions for monitoring and analyzing experiments. Features programmed into the iCELLigence Software provide the flexibility needed for dynamic measurement of cell status in the wells. Based on experiment requirements, the software can be programmed to take measurements over any time interval, from less than one minute to over a day, and at any frequency, from hours to days or weeks. The real-time data acquisition, data normalization, and data plotting functions allow the user to monitor experiments in real-time. The Software can summarize experimental results (such as Max CI, TR(CI, 50%), Max(%Ctrl)) at a given time interval.

Note: The iCELLigence Software must be activated with the iCELLigence Instrument SN before using. Please do not download this software if you do not have an iCELLigence Instrument.