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VMO EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) allows for document management in the cockpit using an iPad.

Documents and manuals can be put into either a universal company folder, a tail or aircraft registration folder, or an aircraft type folder. Custom folders can also be created of which only certain EFBs have access to.

Files are managed via a web application, through which all documents can be managed as well as the EFBs themselves. Documents can be wiped remotely if required.

Customers wishing to utilize the flight documents ability allow for certain documents to be sent to certain flights. A flexible HTTP API exists for creating these flights and submitting documents to them. These documents can be signed right on the iPad with the signature being sent to a 3d party system or via email.

A full audit history is available to ensure each iPad has the most current version of all required documents and manuals.

A service plan is required to use this app. Please contact us for more details.