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Dolphin Clock

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** The selected work for Bologna Children's Book Fair 2013 Taiwan Pavilion!

The clock, the time, the navigation; steering our sail into the story.

Did you know that o’clock at sea refers not to time, but wonders beyond time?

The story of a whale-watching boat interpreter, set in Hualien, along the east coast of Taiwan. An interpreter who shares her thoughts on the ocean and the cetacean, through her day at sea.

Through the digital publication and the first cooperation between Kaifeng Kama and Kuroshio Ocean Education Foundation, we wish to show children and readers all over the world that even if we are busy on land, we can seek the wildness of life at sea, and see beauty beyond description from the cetacean.

Liao Luching, many times awarded with literary prizes, she is a volunteer at Kuroshio Ocean Education Foundation and a whale-watching boat interpreter.

Liu Hsiaohui, loves writing poetry and painting, her fine paintings come with a refreshing taste. Exhibited many environmental installations, and worked with her husband on turning their life in Nanau into a greatly received picture book.

Reading Dolphin Clock
Designed for readers over 8 year of discovery via Thematic Reading materials, and training their ability to read non-linearly with multi-variant information.

Selected Works
We at Kaifeng Kama would like to share with our readers, works by the multi-award winning author Liao Hongji. Passionate about marine life and ecology, Liao depicts his love for the ocean and intimate conversations with the cetacean with tender and heart-felt articles, demonstrating his very own style of marine literature.

Marine Knowledge
What is the most common method of fishing along the east coast of Taiwan? O’clock at sea refers not to time but what? How much more food does the cetacean consume compared to human? Are we doing the right thing by taking dolphins out of the ocean and into performance pools? So many marine secrets waiting for you to uncover!.

Prized images
“Admire the beautiful scenes of the cetacean even if you cannot personally be at sea” is our idea behind the production of Dolphin Clock, so we have collected prized and hard-to-come-by close-up images, which entailed almost ten years of roaming the offshore Hualien.

Interactive Game
A journal logging the encounters between the interpreter and the cetacean, but something is wrong with the notebook! Where are the pictures? Just like putting the puzzles together, readers must seek out the photographs while reading the picture book.