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PainCal - The Multi-User Headache Diary
Your PainCalender for everyday.
Your headache diary designed for everyday use.
Log your headaches quickly and easily.

>>> The app with multi-user mode.
>>> Log headaches for multiple people with one app (e.g. for your children).

Log headaches precisely, quickly and easily with PainCal.
Just click and save to log recurring headaches with predefined settings.

You can modify headache logs at any time.

If you've got a pounding head then you don't want to be logging and editing data in an app for any longer than is truly necessary. It needs to be quick and painless!

If you want to customize your app:
Select data quickly from drop-down lists or from images so you don't have to write any long-winded explanations.

Precise records and all the charts can help you to find out more about your headache patterns. Support your doctor by filling out out headache diary to help choose the right therapy and medication.


• RECORD (individual for each person)
- Date and time
- Precursor
- Trigger
- Pain scale
- Type of pain
- Occurrence
- Where the headache is
- Medication taken and whether/how it helped
- Secondary symptoms
- Comment on each pain
- ...

Edit the recorded headache at any time, e.g. add whether pain medication was successful or add comments etc.

Speed up recording of headaches and make it simpler by creating probable default values.
You can set which values should be used as default settings individually for each person.
Simply save your probable values as "Default Pain" for your default settings for pain records.

• CALENDAR (individual for each person):
With the calendar view you get an improved overview for your records.
Add unlimited calender notes (e.g. visit at the doctor or what ever else) to your records which you can edit every time.

The App can show your records as:
- Calendar view
- List view
- Graphic Overview
The new calender view will give you an optimized overview over all your records. Each record is marked with an colored block (according the intensity) in the calendar.
Or sort your records according to people and show them in a list. Sort and filter the list to suit your needs.
If you don't want a list, why not show your results as a graphic?

Customize PainCal to suit your needs and configure your personal options for:
- Precursor
- Pain trigger
- Type of pain
- Pain occurrence
- List of medication (can choose between tablets or drops)

• EXPORT AND E-MAIL (Sorted according to people)
Choose any period of time for your records and send this information as an e-mail:
- Prepared in a PDF file with all charts
- As a CVS file that can then be e.g. edited as a table calculation.