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Sexy Hints

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Sexy Hints
Send someone special a clue as to what you are thinking!

Have you ever wanted to ask your partner for "something" and were too afraid or embarrassed to ask? Maybe you would love to ask, but it's hard to come up with the right words? Sometimes it's just so hard to let someone know what you REALLY want. This app takes a new twist on spicing up your love life. After you pick from the included list of options, this app puts your words into an elegant picture to text to your special someone. Can be used by girls and guys! It's a SEXY way to HINT at what you want.

Over 1.5 million different combinations!!!

99% of the time, you're both thinking "All they have to do is ask and I'm game."

For the shy, modest individual, maybe ask to give a foot rub...just to get things started.
For the brave, throw it all on the table person; say you want to meet in the bedroom right now.
What's great is this app can do everything in-between also!

Pick from a pre-defined list of options including:
+ Terms of Endearment
+ Location
+ What you're wanting
+ When

You can chose from multiple backgrounds for the perfect mood. You can even change the text color to match the background, and the font style to mix it up. Whatever you're thinking, there's a combination that can relay exactly what you want.

Situation 1:
You're playing on the computer in the office and she's watching TV in the living room. You're thinking, "I wonder if she would want a shoulder massage in the bedroom when her show is over?" Send her a SEXY HINT with a nice background and sexy script writing. How can see say no?

Situation 2:
You've had some friends over for the evening. The night is winding down and he looks good in his outfit. You're thinking he needs to get these people out of here because you want some alone time. Send him a SEXY HINT to meet in the bedroom when they leave. He'll run them out and you'll get what you want.

Even if it works just once, it's a great deal...think about it!

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