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Harmony Cards for Kids

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We have an amazing world community of psychologists, organisations,
projects, programs and associations promoting the practice, awareness and
research of virtues, strengths and character education. People are using
virtues, values and strengths to improve their personal lives, connect with
their community and build better relationships, schools, workplaces and

It is with this knowledge and appreciation that the Harmony Cards for Kids
APP is another amazing resource to nurture and promote virtues, values and
the character education of children and the people in their lives.

Top 15 reasons to explore and share
Harmony Cards for Kids

1. To support parents, teachers, schools and therapists in nurturing
the children in their lives.

2. An opportunity to explore virtues and strengths.

3. To bring out the best in each other.

4. As a springboard to meaningful conversations and reflection.

5. To practice living and giving the best of who we are.

6. To share what we like and admire in each other.

7. A great reflection tool for adults and children.

8. To foster emotional literacy.

9. To cultivate mindfulness and self-awareness.

10. To build CHOICE making muscles.

11. To cultivate relationships of mutual trust and respect.

12. To support goals and plans.

13. To create a more peaceful, harmonious and caring world.

14. It’s suitable for all ages.

15. To have a strengths based approach to problem solving.

Consider these starter questions when using Harmony Cards for Kids…
How do you feel when you see/read/choose this card?
What does this card mean to you?
How does your body feel when you see the card?
Which card shows a virtue you are already good at?
How could you encourage others to choose this virtue?

Which card shows a virtue you’d like to be better at?
Who do you know that chooses this virtue?
Which is your favourite card at the moment?
If you could make your very own card what would it say?
Of course, with any of these questions, change the wording to suit the age or level of
understanding of the child.

AND last but not least … HAVE FUN creating harmony every day!

Harmony Cards for Kids are available in a boxed set (hard copy).

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