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VIZIKLIK - The visual click track / metronome.

--- Revolutionary, patented tempo display ---

--- Powerful, Precise, and Easy-to-use ---

"An absolute must for every musician! (5 stars)
I've been waiting a long time for someone to make a visual metronome app like this. Great interface and features. Can't wait to see what future updates bring." --JD, USA

"Perfect (5 stars)
Superquick recall [of presets] and very easy to use. Awesome." --anjdad1, USA

"Wonderful Visual metronome app (5 stars)
I love the visual aspects of this little app. I especially love the 180 degree (It's variable) accelerating twist into the downbeat, as well as the large number display of the beat number (You can easily read it from several feet away)" --kkkwj, Canada

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Watch a YouTube demo at

Use iKlip products to mount to cymbal or mike stands, or just rest the device on a music stand

VIZIKLIK's "Visually Loud" click pattern changes state and holds (no flickering or flashing) and is easily seen in your peripheral vision. There are three significant advantages:

1. No audio will bleed into your acoustic recordings.

2. Your ears won't bleed from a loud click track chirp as you struggle to hear the tempo.

3. You can concentrate on the sound of your instrument, not the sound of the click. Make the audio silent or as quiet or as you want, knowing you can still visually pick up the pulse, including the current beat number or measure number, if desired.

Many Features:

* Unrivalled tempo accuracy - tested against system clock
* Classic/Default Mode - simply conveys the tempo pulse
* Beat Count Mode - Count from 1 to 16 beats per bar
* Measure Count Mode - Up to 999 measures with 2-bar lead in!
* Tap Tempo - Averages 8 tapped beats, very accurate.
* Night Mode - Black and red mode, easy to see in the dark.
* Tempo Presets - Quickly store/recall up to 30 presets
* Twist mode - Optionally feel the downbeat arriving, visually!
* Customise - Assign your favourite function to checker area
* Allows music to play in backround (so you can measure tempo)
* Option to disable auto shut-off when metronome is stopped

Introducing UNRIVALED ACCURACY of tempo pulse:

VIZIKLIK's tempo pulse is mapped against the processor clock using sub-sample floating point math and will never go out of phase.

The tempo pulse is more accurate than with apps that rely on an audio buffer to manage tempo.

Toggle between the precision of fractional tempos like 120.5, or switch to whole tempo values like 120.0

VIZIKLIK Tempo Finder:

This could be the most accurate and full-featured tempo finder available: Tap 8 evenly spaced beats (quarter notes) and it will average them and continue playing in perfect sync with your taps. AND it will conveniently halve or double tempo taps that are out-of-range.

VIZIKLIK will help you keep the tempo pulse visually. Plain and simple. It does not replace audio-centric metronomes that offer tempo accents and beat variations. It is a completely different animal that will become an INDISPENSABLE tool in your music arsenal once you've tried it.

More praise for Viziklik:
"This is a groundbreaking metronome app and I absolutely love it. Rather than yet-another simple click-based metronome, Viziklik sucks you into your tempo using unique visual patterns. My favorite is the one that visually swings to the top of the measure, similar in effect to what a conductor achieves with his baton. Watching the last beat of a measure morph into the first beat of the next measure simply helps the time swing. I'd no more want to go back to old style metronomes than I'd want to be in an orchestra conducted by a blinking red light."
--Eddie Berman, drummer for Pink Floyd tribute band, "House Of Floyd"

Thank you, fellow musicians, for the fantastic feedback. Please spread the word about our app if you enjoy using it.

Proudly made in Canada.
US Patent #7,368,651.

Copyright (c) 2012 Simplefire Design Inc.