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Sunrise Time

iPhone / iPad
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"Sunrise Time" is an app that displays two pieces of information for the specified observation location:

1. The time and azimuth of sunrise and sunset for a week

2. The direction of the sun at a specific time.

Functional overview

Specify the observation site on the map screen.

There are three ways to specify it.

Current location button

A long press of the map

A search to put in the name of your address or place name

When you decide on the observation site, press the pin or the green button on the current location balloon. The Menu screen appears.

When you press the Menu screen's button, the Information screen appears.

*When you press "Time of Sunrise and Sunset" button, the following information is shown:
Time when dawn starts, azimuth
Sunrise time, azimuth

Time when the sun crosses the meridian, angle of altitude

Sunset time, azimuth

Time when evening ends, azimuth

*When you press "Direction of Sun" button, the following information is shown:
Angle of altitude

Changeable terms
Observation site: Return to the map screen and specify the observation site.

Start date: Specify the start date of the forecast.

Elevation: Specify the elevation of the observation site in meters.

Time zone: Specify the local time of the city you wish to display.

Example: Japan has one time zone, so display Tokyo.

Understanding the forecast results

*The azimuth assumes north is 0°, east is 90°, south is 180°, and west is 270°.

*It assumes a flat horizon without taking into account the native terrain.

*The forecast results have several seconds of calculation error, which increases at high latitudes.

*Time of sunrise and sunset - calculated as the time when the upper edge of the sun meets the horizon.

*Time of start of dawn and end of evening - calculated by brightness before sunrise and after sunset (the limit of brightness when a star of the first magnitude emerges) and when the sun's center height is 6° below the horizon. 

*The vertical latitude indicates the negative value of the west longitude and southern latitude.