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Binaural Beat Builder

iPhone / iPad
  • Lifestyle
  • Health & Fitness
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Binaural Beat Builder

Binaural Beat Builder will allow one to create their own binaural beats easily and additionally edit the beats in real-time as you listen to them playing. One can make their collection of binaural beats and save them to the custom category to play back at anytime. Then build a playlist to play whatever sequences in whatever order one chooses.

This app generates binaural beats in real-time by calculating the frequency, amplitude, time and other settings and play them back as it is processing the data. This is unlike most binaural beat players that just playback recorded binaural or monaural beats.


- Create your own custom binaural beats (real-time editing)
- Edit and Save your custom binaural beats to play later
- Over 110 preset binaural beat sequences (Mental, Meditation, Energy, Healing, and Sleep)
- Over 30 various ambient sounds
- Over 20 different alarm sounds
- Countdown timer with alarm with automatic start/stop capabilities
- Countdown digital displays
- Balance level control for left and right output
- left/right audio output channel meter
- Save your favorites
- Convenient user interface with cover flow-like selection
- Build your own playlist for the binaural beat sequences
- Play Music from library and/or a background sound with the binaural beats

Good for relaxing, meditating, exercising, sleep inducing, noise canceling, concentration, encouraging healing, enhancing creativity, elevating mood, developing extrasensory perceptions, reloading energy, grounding own frequency, syncing with the planets, activating neurons and building intelligence, harmonizing with nature, balancing your frequencies, negating negative energies

Uses SBaGen with permission (open-source code by Jim Peters) as the binaural beat engine.

NOTE: For a safe experience and to remain in good health, it is recommended to use your cell phone only for emergencies, keep it set on Airport mode and turn Wi-Fi off when possible.