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Write Numbers from 0 to 9 - English and French Sounds

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This iPad application teaches the sound in French and English and the writing of the numbers from 0 to 9.

The sound of each number was recorded by native speakers (A french woman for french language and a english man for english language).
Learning the sounds of numbers in both languages ​is guaranteed with the right accent.
Each sound can be repeated as many times as desired.

The language change is done quickly and easily on the main screen with buttons "flag" of the two countries.

The background of the screen shows the lines of a school notebook.
The Writing with your finger is smooth and pleasant.

Several aids are available (layers) and deactivatable at any time:
- a layer with dotted lines represent the number
- a layer with arrows, plots and numbers that give the sequence of movements to follow to achieve writing each number
- a layer with the representation of the full number
- a layer with a Video that tracing the number

Additional tools are available:
- Learning quantities and to count by images of dice.
- Display all the numbers from 0 to 9 on a sheet of notebook
- A educational video at the top of the sheet to write simultaneously
- Different colors of pencils to be able to change font color at any time
- Erase manually or erase the whole page
- Save your work in the notebook
- Coloring offered on each page of the book to make learning more fun.
- Context-sensitive help available in the form of drawings (the child does not need to know how to read to understand help).

This application has a magnificent visual rendering on iPad 1 and 2 and displays images in RETINA for next-generation iPad.