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If your child is old enough to ask for your phone, they're old enough for iJumble!

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A Word Puzzle to make your English spellings, pronounciations perfect like never before!!
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iJumble is an App especially for kids and pre-schoolers. It gives a fun with learning process which develops English spellings, pronunciations.

You can play with the alphabets and tap on the words in order to see the image with option to spell.
It is an interactive learner app which has so many sub-divisions categorized as Animals, Plants, Body Parts, Natural Phenomenon, etc.

Kids can play with the jumbled words and to get the exact spelled words of image displayed. If they are tapping on locations for letters, the app signals incorrect formations of words.

Kids easily relate the sounds, images, spellings and the pronunciations which helps in fast learning and building memory power.
It is a type of crossword puzzle too.

Kids will love to play with iJumble.

More than just a game, iJumble is a powerful educational tool for the toddlers and tots in your life. It provides hours of fun, laughter and learning.

iJumble will help your child:

== develop fine motor skills
== learn to recognize and match letters
== learn the sounds letters make
== learn the names of letters
== learn how to spell words

We have a categorization of the words in several topics like : Natural/Manmade/Animals/Household,etc with each word and letter soundings
Also, you can chose words alphabetically.

Of course, kids won't just be learning, they'll also be laughing and having fun with several of their favorite animal friends, beautifully illustrated and matched with entertaining animal sounds.

ijumble is toddler-tested and approved, with a user-interface designed specifically for the littlest of fingers. More than just a game, it is a sophisticated learning tool that engages your child, encourages exploration, and helps them begin building a deep understanding of the relationships between letter and words.

Kids can play iJumble by themselves, but they also enjoy bringing their grownups along, talking about the Natural/Manmade/Animals/Household, saying the names of the letters.

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== We love getting feedback and hearing stories about the kids who use our software! Share your stories in a review on iTunes or by leaving feedback at Let us know how your kids use iJumble, and what you'd like to see us do next.

For iPhone version , visit