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Quickly note - pardNote ( simple handbook )

iPhone / iPad
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Compatible with iOS 8.1 (and also iPhone 6/6 Plus).
A notebook app offering designs that can be changed over as you like.

It has now been two years since this app's release in October 2012. Thank you all for your continued support.
Although for various reasons I have been unable to issue any updates for some time, I am now in a position to make a new release for pardNote with a few small additions in functionality.

The screen layout itself, originally designed to allow you to create memos quickly after starting the app, has been left unchanged, but it now offers 22 themes and 42 wallpapers to provide an amazing total of 924 different design combinations.

Functionality (ver.1.2.5)

- Customize the look-and-feel as you like (upgrade)
22 themes and 42 wallpapers are combined together to allow you to choose from 924 colorful notebook designs.
As well as the new theme color "pure white," I have also increased the number of available wallpaper colors.

- Quick startup / automatic saving (upgrade)
The most important concept in this app’s design is giving you the ability to create memos as soon as you think of something to write down.
The app has been designed to be quick during startup, perform automatic saving (new functionality), and allow you to write memos even when there is no connectivity or during a phone call.

- Support for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus screen sizes (new)
When adding support for the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, rather than simply stretching the display area to match the bigger screen, it is also necessary for the app to tune the display to fit more information inside the wider area. With pardNote, you can change the font size to increase or reduce the amount of information displayed on the screen.

- Editing on PCs
Synchronizing your memos with Evernote allows you to use a PC to view, edit, and update memos created with pardNote.
A big difference with Evernote is that you can use pardNote even when you are not connected to the network.
Once you are connected again with the network, you can press on Save to save the latest version up on Evernote.
*Synchronization functionality only supports very simple text formats.

- Security feature designed to protect important memos (new)
Protect your important ideas and memos using a 4-digit passcode or Touch ID (fingerprint recognition).
If you want to be even tighter on security, remember that the data stored inside the app will not be uploaded anywhere as long you do not link with Evernote and iCloud. In this way you can protect your important memos by storing them only on your device.

- Send and receive memos instantly (new)
Send memos to people near you using Apple's AirDrop technology.
You can send memos to others as long as they have an app installed that can read in information in text format, regardless of whether they use pardNote or not.
What is groundbreaking about this is that as long as your device is configured to use AirDrop (set WiFi / Bluetooth / AirDrop to ON), you can send a memo to another person even if you do not know their e-mail address. This might actually be the fastest way ever to share a memo.

You can establish communication between an iPhone and a Mac as long as they are running iOS 7 / 8 and Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) respectively, and use AirDrop to send a text file memo written using pardNote on an iPhone to a Mac. You can then edit the memo on the Mac and use AirDrop to send it back to the iPhone.

- Links with social networks
Post your memos on Facebook or twitter.

- Connect directly to a printer to print memos (new)
Now you can print directly on a printer without needing to worry about using a PC.
This functionality uses Apple's AirPrint technology, so you will need to use an AirPrint-compatible printer.