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Type Defender - An Educational Spelling & Typing Game For Kids

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Who says spelling and typing can't be fun?!

Using a sharp mind and fast fingers, defend your castle against the invasion of cute little critters determined to steal your honey.

Great for at-home fun or in the classroom, type and spell to defend your castle against the invasion of deceivingly cute critters determined to steal your honey. Increase your no-miss multiplier and earn even more gold with a correct-spelling streak. Then use all of that gold to buy spells, moats, and other power-ups in Ye Old Shoppe ... or, better yet, add it to your loot pile and earn a place in the Type Defender leaderboards!

Additional Features:

* Create custom word lists to practice your spelling words
* Select from 3 difficulty levels to suit all ages
* Play Express mode for non-stop spelling fun
* Purchase hexes, scatter bombs, extra lives, and more in Ye Olde Shoppe
* Unlock fun achievements by becoming a master Type Defender
* Enter custom word lists on to share with others


"For educators and parents teaching spelling and typing skills, this is an app to use!" –

"Type Defender is a fun fast-paced spelling and typing game that will really give your mind and fingers a workout." –

"My sons really enjoy Type Defender, it's great to help with their typing skills and has helped with their spelling accuracy! Graphics are great! I highly recommend Type Defender for any child!" –

"Type Defender is an addictive app helping kids to learn typing. Best part is you can create custom lists so kids can be practicing their spelling words in the app." –