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Katakana - Japanese Lesson

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Katakana Lesson is an application that provides practice drills to help you learn the 46 characters most regularly used in the Japanese syllabary. With this drill you will learn the characters by writing them with your finger.

This application has been designed for children who are encountering Japanese characters for the first time before they go to elementary school, or language learners studying Japanese for the first time.

By learning Katakana, you can learn how to carry out basic communication in Japanese, and it will also form the basis of all your future learning of the language.

Start practicing by clicking on the illustrations of familiar objects with hiragana from「ア」 to 「ン」. The application will then show you how the character is read, as well as the correct stroke order for writing it.

You will learn one character by writing it 6 times.As you practice writing each character, the illustration moves, helping you retain it in your memory. If you manage to write the character in the right order, you are awarded with a flower, giving you a greater motivation to learn. If you get it wrong, you can use the functionality to try again so you can continue practicing until you get it right.

First, you look at the character with your eyes, then listen to it with your ears, and then write it with your finger. In this way, you can have fun as you strengthen your reading and writing skills.