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  • Social Networking
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A sports app that lets you get closer to the action and experience what's going on in and around the game:
- See who's at the game and where they're sitting;
- Connect with your friends;
- Comment on the game;
- Explore what's happening in and around the game;
- Take pictures and save those game memories forever.


Who's at the game
A game takes a life of it’s own when people join in. By adding your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn you can see who's at the game, where they're sitting, and connect with them. You can also follow and see where other fans are sitting to get their perspective of the game.

Join multiple games
If you’re a real sports fanatic you want to be able to follow multiple games. When you join a game, you create a unique timeline for that game. You can add as many games as you want creating multiple timelines. You can swipe across game timelines to follow different games, find out who's at that game (or planning to go), get real time scores, see pictures and comments being posted on that game, add your own pictures and comments, and explore what’s going on “In & Around” that game.

What's happening In & Around the game
MySeat is all about connecting with people and making the most of the game before, during and after. With In & Around you can see what social venues such as restaurants, pubs, and lodging are available around the game and plan on going with your friends ahead of time. On the other hand you can be spontaneous and wait to see what’s happening at different venues around the game and follow the action by checking out the memories and comments posted on the venue’s timeline.

Keep game memories forever
MySeat turns every game into a memorable event. Everything that happens on mySeat is saved and archived so that you can go back and relive those special game memories at any time. You can go back to any game to view your own memories, view memories shared by your friends or any memories that were made public.