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QTracker is a GPS tracker that works on background. This means that you can use your iPhone, make calls or open any application without loosig the GPS signal. Qtracker will keep saving your position in a time interval, and will send your tracking points to a server, so you can have a look later and watch your paths over a map on

QTracker makes intensive use of your GPS sensor. Please notice that continuous use of GPS tracking may decrease your battery duration.

You can adjust the tracking time interval between GPS points. The lower seconds between measures, the more accurate the track will be, but your battery life will decay faster.

You can also adjust the time interval between server posts. This means that Qtracker does not send one position at a time, but a batch of positions to optimize battery life. The higher seconds between server posts, the better battery life expectancy.

Every Qtracker App gets an unique "Device ID", which you can use to see your tracks online on You can also share your Device ID with anybody, so he can track you down in realtime on the QTracker website.

If you want privacy for your tracking information, you can password-protect your tracks, so only you, or someone with your password can see your tracks online.

Device ID: your unique alphanumeric identification. It lets you you see your tracking info on our website. You can share it via email by pressing it.
Password-protected: this switch lets you protect your tracking info, so only people with your password will be able to track you.
Icon badge indicator: if this switch is enabled QTracker will add a small tracking-points indicator to its icon, so you can see that it is working from the home screen.
Tracking interval: the time between GPS measurements.
Server post interval: the time interval on which your device will connect to QTracker servers to send your tracking data.