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LetterShaker Lite iPad edition

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This is the lite version of the famous letter shaker. It includes 3 words in all languages to check out functionality. The full version includes 40 words in each supported language.

Write your first words with LetterShaker !
Write your first words in English, German, Spanish, French or Italian !

Some letters got lost… you have to fill them in…

You can do this by touching a letter and moving it with your finger in the correct position. If the word is complete again you can hear the sound of the object the word describes - a dog barks, the bus blows his horn and from the castle you hear a spooky sound. If you like the sound you can hear it again by touching the picture - but it only works if the word was written correctly !

If the wrong letter is selected it tumbles back into it's original position. Actually you can even try to kick the letters into the right position - when they hit the "wall" they bounce back behaving like real physical objects thus providing additional fun for kids.
If you are still in learning mode and if you didn't find the correct letter after three trials an outline of the correct letter is shown.

If you become a real expert you can move to the next level. While on level 1 only one letter is missing and help is provided. On level 2 you have to enter 2 or 3 letters. On level 3 you even can just see the first letter. You have to fill in everything else - no problem if you are an expert in reading and writing.

By the way if you are a lefty you can just flip your device and the layout adjusts

While the Lite version only has 3 words to check out the functionality the full version has 40 words in each language.