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hx2go™ is a mobile app that works with Minute Menu HX™ software.

*** NOTE: You must be using Minute Menu HX in order to use this app. ***

hx2go enables Sponsors using Minute Menu HX to allow Monitors to perform in-home visits with Family Day Care Home providers and collect their review findings.

hx2go offers Sponsors unprecedented flexibility and convenience in conducting their home reviews.

Using hx2go, Sponsors can...

* Download key review data directly from your Minute Menu HX system, including: providers, children, and foods

* Filter providers to download by assigned monitor, review due dates, or meals to be reviewed

* Plan your reviews by provider, date, and meal

* Capture signatures digitally

* Capture review location via GPS coordinates

* Upload the review data directly into Minute Menu HX for validation by the Sponsor.

* Customize your home visit questionnaire to suit your needs

hx2go permits your Monitors to perform reviews without internet connectivity. However, internet connectivity is required to download provider data before performing reviews, and to upload reviews after they are complete.

*** NOTE: You must be using Minute Menu HX in order to use this app. ***