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Yomiage Ehon

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
  • Book
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If you are experiencing the app crashing all the time, please try uninstalling the app and reinstall again.
Under certain circumstances of your device or usage, the application's data store might get corrupted, resulting crash problem, although we carefully assess the application's quality before its release.
All titles in this app are free of charge, so don't worry.
We sincerely appreciate all of your support for Yomiage Ehon and we hope you enjoy it from now on.

"Yomiage Ehon" is a free picture book application that reads out a story with heartwarming pictures and scripts!
Enjoy the masterpiece of picture books from all over the world, with narration and subtitles!

◎ App and all 30 picture books are free ◎
A bundle story and 29 stories are currently available for your device.

We are going to sequentially release more of masterpiece of picture books of Japan and the world.
This application has advertisement, as we're planning further improvements for this app and yet to keep the app free of charge.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

◎ Here are good things of using this
・For story-telling to your kids.
・You can enjoy high quality stories in Japanese / English.
・All voices and subtitles can be changed to Japanese / English.
・English improvements for you adults.
・You can learn right pronunciation by the story-telling voice of the native speakers enjoyably.

◎ "Yomiage Ehon" brings:
・You can access many picture books easily and anytime with your device.
・You can choose whichever combination of languages for reading-out and subtitles. For example, English audio and Japanese subtitles, or Japanese audio and English subtitles can be possible.
・Player screen can be both portrait and landscape.
・You can operate the player by "tap and flick" or control buttons on the player screen.
・You can choose 3 subtitle font size.
・You can choose whether you preferably watch a story with subtitles or without.
・By repeating same pages, it also can be used for intellectual training, language learning, and more.

■ Required device
iPhone 4 or 4S
iPhone 5/5c/5
iPad 2 or above

■ Required iOS version
iOS 6.1 or above

■ Troubleshooting
◎ When I can not hear anything
⇒ It may be possible that your device is silent.
- Confirm your device and its silent switch or raise up volume

◎ When I can not play a story in landscape.
⇒ It may be possible that your iPhone is portrait locked state.
To unlock your device state, please confirm instruction manual or inquire it of Apple, or retailers.

◎ When this app does not launch.
Try these:
・Double tap the home button and terminate the all apps, then launch Yomiage Ehon again.
・Turn your device powered off and turn it on again.
・Update or re-install the application from AppStore.

◎ All books I have downloaded are gone after replacing my device.
You can download the books again for free.

If you can not solve these problems with the instruction, we apologize for your inconvenience but please send us an email to for what happened.

dcWORKS Co., Ltd have announced that the free smartphone applications, "Story-telling digital picture book" and "Yomiage Ehon", are launched since 2010 supported by "International Digital EHON Association".

※ The picture book offered by this application are digitized from the original picture books of which copyrights are held by International Digital EHON Association.
※ For more details of "International Digital EHON Association", please visit