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Join in the social artwork that is N0things!
N0things is an easy-to-use application that lets you abstract shapes from reality. Using your camera you can collect abstracted shapes and share your shapes in one giant collection with all the users of N0things. Simply take a picture, select the object by touch, submit your shape and see how your collection grows and changes and how well your shapes fit in the total collection.

Your personal collection is categorized based on the total collection of shapes from all users. Periodically the categories can change as a reaction to the collected shapes. Your personal collection can be re-ordered and scrambled, common shapes can become rare or vice versa. You can infinitely collect shapes, try to impact the total collection, create your own language or visual diary or simply enjoy collecting beautiful, ugly, perfect or strange shapes.

N0things' goal is to be as pointless as possible while still being thoroughly enjoyable. Try it and soon you will notice you are addicted to collecting 'useless' shapes. Your vision of reality may change; small detailed shapes suddenly seem tremendously important. A rare color or a strange blob can make your day. Enjoy reality from a different perspective and share your experience with other users.

N0things was developed at V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media as part of the Summer Sessions 2012.