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Gabbai Synagogue Display

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Gabbai for iPad a phenomenal way to keep your congregants informed. Install the app on your iPad, mount it in a public place, and let Gabbai take over.

Gabbai can display as many announcements as you like, and it’s smart about it. Gabbai can figure out zmanim based on where you are. Just set up your location on first launch, and that’s it. You never need to worry about it again. Gabbai also works without an internet connection, so you never have to worry about maintaining an internet connection.

Weekly events, such as candle lighting, the Parasha, and Motza’ai Shabbat can be displayed. You can, of course, change what rabbinic opinion your congregation follows for any announcement.

Seasonal modifications to prayer, such as Morid Hageshem and Ya’aleh Veyavo are also included. Gabbai knows what each Nusach follows, so just choose which custom you follow, and Gabbai will get it right.

Gabbai also keeps track of Yahrtzeits, so you can enter them, and they’ll automatically show up on the correct day. It’s really simple to help your congregants remember their loved ones.

Announcements can automatically show and hide, based on the day of the week, or year. If Gabbai doesn’t support the announcement you want, you can make your own custom announcements.

Gabbai is beautiful. To make it match the interior of your synagogue, you can choose one of three gorgeous wood themes. You can also control other visuals, such as how long each announcement is shown, if announcement changes should be animated, and what direction to use for the animation.

Gabbai is an amazing app, an excellent value, and I had a lot of fun creating it. If you have feedback, questions, or ideas, please get in touch with me at