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How to change a crisis to chance

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In the business scene, it is said that crises are big chences.
This book is a manual to cope with them.

You must have some sence of humor, if you want to cope with a problem in a business scene.
We teach you some methods to change that situation.
You will be rescued by some humors learned in this book.

Own character is not established, including a new employee and changing of jobs.
The person who is poor at coming through a pinch
The person who wants to enhance the evaluation
The person who wants to improve a conversation
The person who thinks to be unlucky on yourself

【Table of contents】


<Chapter 1>
How to change a crisis to a chance

・How to impress someone

・You should to use against the method, “appearances is the most important thing.”

・Changing the topic by being paid attention

・You can talk with foreigners by using some humor words.

・Gaining over the physiological phenomena

・When you meet a malicious man

<Chapter 2>
How to escape a crisis in a business

・How to change the embarrassed situation

・A humor method to reject someone’s invitation

・You should use a magical word, when you talk to a silly thing

・When you feel unpleasantly in the restaurant

・Declining many times

・You should escape with crisis by using the body language



○Ryuzo Mizobata
Ryuzo Mizobata is a broadcast writer born in the 1970s, Osaka. He writes some books once in a while.

○Shinya Tokuda
Shinya Tokuda is a personality born in 1973, Nara. He comes off many events, on the other hand, edits a website “STAND THE WORLD”.