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HandAVPlayer - Audio | Movie Mix List Player

iPhone / iPad
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-Easy operation with one hand to tilt (Touchless UI),AV (Music | Video) Player that support the iPod Library.

-Support the (Music | Video) iPod Library.
(can no longer be continuous play of the video from becoming iOS6 or 7, I would not have a problem?)
#:Continuous play | Create a List | Loop Play | Shuffle
-iPod Library (Music | Video) list can be created.
-Do not touch the screen touchless UI(Easy operation with one hand to tilt).
-Support background play(Movie|Sound)
-(the rewind | the forward) of less interrupted.
-support in iOS9.

Please ,Come experience a new operation.
#:Tilt UI demo movie

[-Support iPod Library-]
Music | Podcast | AudioBook | AudioITunesU

Movie | TVShow | VideoPodcast | MusicVideo | VideoITunesU

-Support the (Music | Video) iPod Library.
-Continuous play | Create a List | Loop Play | Single repeat | Shuffle
-seful when you watch continuously (music PV | VideoPodcast | VideoITunesU,etc....).
-Play rate :support
-DRM playback not supported.

-List mixed with both music and video can be created.

[-New sense Touchless UI : TiltRotSystem-]
High stability | High response | High-range calibration

Touchless UI to work with just tilt.
#:You don't need to touch the screen.
#:No fingerprints.

TiltRotSystem Page:(TiltRotSystem 1.2:UI operation)

UI operation in the Original Tilting System (TiltRotSystem).

-Rotation of the high-range calibration
#:calibration demo movie

You can calibrate the iOS device in any orientation.
from the direction you want to reference the iOS device, simply On Tilt ON button.

Relative to the direction of when you press the Tilt ON button, and operate in tilt the iOS device.

Please Experience the feeling of smooth operation.

[-So that one hand is empty....-]

-hold on to the strap standing on the train.
-drink a cup of coffee in the morning a nice.
-Eating a hamburger favorite.
-One hand greasy.
-During the firefight, shooting a handgun.

In situations such as, even though the one hand occupied

-You Useful to study while watching (VideoITunesU | VideoPodcast),when commuter trains in.
-Continuous viewing of a short video of the music, such as PV.
-Adjust the volume to fit around

Etc. can be.

[-Operating conditions; iOS6 higher-]
-iPhone 3GS, iPod touch (3rd generation) and later
-iOS9.0 Support
-DRM not supported.

[-Player Touchless UI operation-]
Tilt UI operation Disable.

Master Volume +-

-Track Order
Track Order +-

-Traverse Time
Traverse Time +- (Value Variable)

-UI on/off
Player UI Hide/Show (Full Screen)

Assigned to the X-axis tilt or the Y-axis tilt.